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Dribbling is the first technique that beginners should learn in handball. Dribbling is accompanied by the first, central task that a player has to solve in handball: Transport the ball close enough to the goal.

Usually, however, defenders stand in the way of the attacker who he has to play around these "obstacles". This can be achieved with dribbling plus a change of direction - ideally a feint as well as a situationally applied use of the dribbling hand: If the player moves past the opponent on the right, the right hand is used, if he moves past the opponent on the left, the left.

It's a difficult technique. Matthias Kornes from shows you an alternative technique how to play around a defender with this video.The alternative technique has an advantage: it offers a simple gain in space away from the defender, which is especially important for beginners in order to be able to keep control of the ball and the game situation.

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