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You want to achieve more? Then you are right here. Matthias Kornes and have stood for performance in sport for almost three decades. Learning, planning and performing, knowing more, being able to do more, getting better - that is the motto of!


Your Matthias Kornes



Knowledge is power. If you want to navigate towards success in sport, you have to do the right things. provides you with up-to-date and proven know-how.


Train players effectively, inspire children and young people, impart techniques appropriately, support athletes optimally, form teams, find suitable answers to current educational challenges, all of this requires competent coaches.


A specialty of is the linking of schools and clubs with a sustainable concept for cooperation in which both sides benefit.


Before every success there is a good plan. There has to be good management in every successful club. Successful club work, however, doesn't get any easier. This makes sustainable and viable concepts in the association all the more important.


Club work and youth work are a process. In order to be sustainably successful with its own offspring and to lead the club viable into the future, every club needs suitable concepts. What resources are available? What can you achieve with it - and what are the limits?


An analysis of the current situation is the first step towards a suitable club or junior concept. I also work with the coaches to develop requirement profiles for every age group and provide assistance in achieving them. Testing the chosen concepts shows what needs to be changed and improved in the future.


The goal: Lifelong imprisonment in the club when players become coaches, become coaches, become referees, become officials, become fans, become sponsors.

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2017_08_Camp_Wittenbach_Mathis_ Kelemen


The truth is in competition. And before the competition comes the training. Increase the performance of your athletes - with optimal training!


Do you need support at a training camp? In the preparation phase? A team is facing an important qualification and needs fresh impetus? Are you looking for solutions to your team's deficits in competitions?


Get an expert: technique, ability to play, tactics, athletics, psyche - only those who are capable in all performance areas can act successfully in competition. Talk to me, I'll come to your hall.


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Here you will find all the online seminars that are currently available in the portfolio.


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